Return conditions:
1. Product returns can be accepted within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the order. Returns are sent to the following address:
Constance Boutique Store
Gouveli 12, 117 44, Neos Kosmos, Attica, Greece
Tel: 210 9029863

The charge for the first return through the ACS courier store network is free and should be made by appointment either by e-mail at or by phone at 210 9029863.
Each additional return after the first, costs 3.90 euros for the sender.

Product changes made from the online store are also accepted in the physical store.

2. The product must have been purchased exclusively from the e-shop
3. In no case can a product be accepted which is not in its original state. This means that the product must:
a. Not to be washed
b. Not to have been used in any way
c. Have all his labels
d. Its packaging has not been damaged
e. Any defective product is replaced only with another same product.

3. Returns on earrings are not accepted for hygiene reasons.

4. In the items that are returned (after contacting or by phone at 210 9029863) only replacement with another item and no refund!